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Discover $40 Million Dollar Secret Book | Download For Free

Well, everyone including me interested to know about how to make money online. In this book, you will discover a system to make $40 Dollar. A millionaire mentioned a complete system in this book that he used. I am going to share a few lines of this book so that you can judge how he made and how you can.

The system that I’m going to layout in this handbook is something that we have personally used to generate over $40 million in online product sales. It is the very same system that Apple used to build buzz about the iPhone 6s (leading to people camping outside their flagship stores waiting for it to go on sale).

It is the same system that Walt Disney Studios used to generate over $500Million in box office income for the opening weekend of the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And it is the same system that YOU can implement to make a large amount of money in a short period of time no matter what type of business you have and no matter what type of product or service you’re selling.

What this system make more powerful.

In fact, what I’m going to show you actually has a twist that makes this system even more powerful. Here’s why: That $40million in product sales that I told you about a moment ago was NOT made evenly, spread out over a period of a number of years like you might have expected. It was actually made in small defined bursts of 7 day periods. In fact, the TOTAL period of time in which this $40MM was generated was around 10 weeks – and it was made using what I like to call “Flash Launches”.

What is a Flash Launch? Well, it’s a little like a “flash sale”. It follows the same basic formula as a normal product launch like the ones you see every day for cars, films, phones, weight loss products etc – apart from TWO crucial things… The launch period lasts for a maximum of ONE WEEK (rather P2 than being indefinite). And…Something of true value is removed PERMANENTLY from the market both within the first 24 hours of launch AND at the end of the launch week.

Something of value? This could be a low introductory pricing deal, an incredible bonus or content piece, or even the entire product itself. Or it could be a combination. I’ll talk more about this in a moment. There are two important elements here which make a Flash Launch work exceptionally well. They are:


In human psychology scarcity works in a very simple way: the less available something is, the more valuable people perceive it to be – and the more they want it. People especially do not like to miss out on something that other people have, and this forces them into taking action quickly especially if a product or service is only available for a very brief period of time. As a vendor, this can lead to incredible short term sales and profits.


If you think about it, Apple, Disney or whoever it may be, don’t just put a new product on sale completely out of the blue and expect it to sell well. They spend weeks beforehand, sometimes months, “pre-selling” …in other words, releasing snippets of information such as trailers, demos, images and interviews to build buzz and anticipation until the targeted audience is whipped into a frenzy desperate to take action and BUY. This is the ‘prelaunch’ phase.

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Another important advantage of the pre-launch phase is this: Most people generally need to see an offer or product at least 3 times before making a decision on whether to take action and buy it. During the pre-launch phase, you present the product at least 3 times and give you audience ALL the required information needed to make a purchase decision without actually having to do any “selling” (as the product is not available for sale yet).

This means your audience is at ease as they are not being sold to, and have time to think without feeling under any pressure to buy (just yet). Therefore, when you actually launch the product, your audience is already primed, convinced and ready to buy, resulting in a slew of instant sales as soon as you go live. (especially when you mix in a 24-hour limited-time launch day bonus).

This mix of prelaunch and scarcity wrapped into the same package is immensely powerful and can be utilized to produce massive results, not only in the world of online product sales but in almost any type of business no matter what the market and no matter how big or small. In fact, it is so powerful that just imagine if one of our earlier examples, Apple, used a Flash Launch for the iPhone 6s release and only made the phone available for a single weekend before pulling it from the market permanently. It would be insanity.

Obviously, it wouldn’t make sense for Apple to do this, but can you visualize the reaction people would have? it would cause rioting and public disorder on a colossal scale at ever Apple store the world.

If you are interested to read this book please download this book here.

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