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how to create a page in your blogger
how to create a page in your blogger

How to Create a New Static Page on Blogger

You may wonder why I would write a post on such a simple topic as what is a blog?
Well, IT Sabaq is specially created on blogging and full of articles on blogging with Video Series and I love to write about various aspects of professional blogging.

In this post, you will learn how to create a new page on your blog. It’s very simple and easy to create a page on your blog.
Blogger comes with the option to create static pages but is not fully customizable. It lacks few features than the ordinary posts like changing the permalink. Now let’s learn how to create a stating page on blogger.

What is a Static Page?

A static web page (sometimes called a flat page/stationary page) is a web page that is delivered to the user exactly as stored, in contrast to dynamic web pages which are generated by a web application. read more on Wikipedia

What is the use of Pages in Blogger Blog?

Pages provide some information that you put in this page like About, Contact, etc. If you use blogger default templates, the pages on this default template can be added directly into the navigation menu. In some premium templates, these pages can only be added manually in the navigation menu. As an SEO factor, these static pages can be set with nofollow and noindex if needed, using custom robots.txt.

How to create Static Pages in Blogger?

Login to your blogger account
Go to blogger dashboard —>
Click on New Page that will take you on the page editor.
Now you are at Page Editor
Give any title to your page and write content in content body area about your page,
Save your page and click on publish button.
That’s it you have created your page on blogger.

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