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Corel draw factory reset
Corel draw factory reset

How to Use F8 in CorelDRAW to Reset to the Defaults

When some users of CorelDRAW face different types of issues using software and they want to reset default setting. So today in this tutorials I am going to show you how to set default setting of CorelDraw. Follow the methods below 
Press and hold the “F8” key on your computer’s keyboard.


Double-click on the CorelDRAW icon to launch the program while continuing to hold the “F8” key. You will be prompted with a dialog box asking, “Are you sure you want to overwrite the current workspace with the factory default?”
Click the “Yes” option. A “Workspace Selector” dialog box will appear.


Click on the option box for “X3 Default Workspace” to choose it, and then click the “OK” button. CorelDRAW will open with the original X3 default workspace loaded.

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