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tech giant apple to close texure app
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Apple to close Texture App on May 28, following launch of Apple News+

A year ago, Apple acquired the digital newsstand app Texture to form the basis of its new subscription-based service, Apple News+, which launched on Monday. As some have expected, the standalone Texture app will soon shut down as a result. According to emails sent to current Texture subscribers pointing to a FAQ on the company’s website, Texture’s last day of service will be May 28, 2019. Existing customers will be offered a one-month free trial to Apple News+ to make the jump.

A closure like this was bound to come. It doesn’t make sense for Apple to continue to operate both Texture and Apple News.

But not everyone is thrilled about this change, of course.

Specifically, Android users and other subscribers without any Apple devices will now no longer have a way to access Texture, they’ve realized. That means they’ll lose access to the service entirely when it closes down in May (unless they buy a Mac or iOS device.)

@texture I’m not happy about this. I’m able to save money by reading all my fave mags here & not having to get a separate subscription for each or buying in store. I don’t have any apple products so this hurts me. You guys need to rethink this. pic.twitter.com/QsqGLXX3VE

— Tiffany aka Onyx (@DarkOnyx98) March 29, 2019

#Texture service ending, now apple only. What a slap in the face for Android users. F. Y. Texture.

— Michael Oakley (@user13mo) March 29, 2019

The texture is officially ending and the service is being replaced by Apple+ News, which sucks for anyone like me who doesn’t own an iPad. my Kindle Fire was only $60.

— jack’s diary (@JacksKnow) March 29, 2019

I guess I’m done with @texture now, seeing as I only have Android devices. I can see the same thing happening with a TON of current subscribers. Apple is dropping the ball with this one.

— Dean (@ImThatDeanGuy) March 29, 2019

Nothing like being a @texture user for the last few years, only to be bounced with the new Apple magazine service as a non-Apple user.

Such horrible customer service, and helping hasten magazines to their untimely end.

— Emily W (@Andora81) March 29, 2019

@Apple this is bs. I’ve been texture subscriber for 5 yrs, shutting down to force people to buy your proprietary hardware is complete garbage. Well, my spouse wanted to save $ guess I’ll stick with Scribd. Keep texture on android, cause this won’t make me buy apple. pic.twitter.com/NsWvPnaSW4

— Lori King (@1loriking) March 29, 2019

@texture I am thoroughly disappointed in you. A fine way to let some of your subscribers down. I love Texture and to receive an email pretty much saying No Apple/iOS device? Sucks for you! A huge letdown.

— kellie (@kelliesjubilee) March 29, 2019

Just read there will be no more @texture. Very disappointed. The replacement will only be on Apple devices. Cancel my subscription.

— Maurice Hughes (@MauriceHughes2) March 29, 2019

These customers were early adopters of subscription-based news reading. Many have had their Texture accounts for years. And it’s clear that most were holding out hope that Apple would launch a web or Android version of Apple News, or at least continue to operate Texture until such a thing was ready.

It wouldn’t have been entirely unprecedented for Apple to go this route.

Apple today runs an Apple Music Android app, for example, and offers an Android app for its Beats Pill speakers. It also provides desktop software to non-Mac users with iTunes for Windows, for example. And with the launch of Apple TV+, the company is seemingly embracing non-Apple platforms by rolling out an Apple TV app to Vizio, Samsung and LG smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.

It’s also bit surprising that Texture’s existing customers aren’t being offered a better incentive to switch to Apple News+, as a way to reward their loyalty or to make up for the frustrations around having to switch apps – especially since their favorites and collections will not transition to the Apple News app. Instead, the Texture email says they’ll be offered a “one-month free trial” to test out the service. That’s the same deal all new Apple News+ subscribers get.

After the first month, the subscription will auto-renew at $9.99 per month.

Apple News+, however, does deliver more value than Texture, in terms of content selection.

Instead of only offering access to hundreds of magazines for one low subscription price, Apple News+ subscribers can also read articles from a handful of newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Toronto Star, as well as online publications like theSkimm, The Highlight by Vox, New York Magazine’s sites Vulture, The Cut and Grub Street. TechCrunch’s own subscription product, Extra Crunch, is also participating in Apple News+.

It’s also available for the Mac for the first time.

That doesn’t help non-Apple customers, though.

Those losing access to Texture as a result of Apple’s decision to make Apple News+ an Apple device-only service do at least have something of an alternative with Scribd. Its subscription service offers unlimited access to audiobooks, ebooks, and magazines for $8.99/month, or can be bundled with The NYT for $12.99/month. However, it doesn’t have the same range of magazines as on Texture, so switchers may lose access to several of their favorite titles.

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