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How To Use Multiple Hard Drives on One Laptop – Dual Hard Drive Laptop

Most of people who use computer are short of disk space and they want something magically happend to their hard disk so that they can increase disk space. In this article, we are going to show you how to Install or Set two Hard Drives on one Laptop. This post is in the minority in the internet web pages, and it’s the best way to increase data space or install multiple operating systems such as; macOS Sierra, Windows, Kali Linux, Chrome OS, CentOS. So, it’s step by step guides which you can easily do it with your own laptops.

How To Use Multiple Hard Drives on Single Laptop

How To Use Multiple Hard Drives on One Laptop, this question may come to everyone minds for the first time. Applications, software, and tutorials’ size increasing day by day. This thing needs more and more data space. Sometimes, one hard disk isn’t enough for operating system itself and data storage. You might need the second hard drive for your data. In this steps guide, you’ll learn and know how to use multiple two drives on a single laptop.
Note: To install two or more hard disks in a laptop so, it must have a CD/DVD Rom. It’s only possible for those laptops which have DVD or CD Rom. If your notebook doesn’t have it, it’s not going to work for you.

Before moving ahead, you need to get these all things. These are the most important requirements that you must have them at all. Without an HDD Caddy, Hard drive, screwdriver it is not going to be work.


  • ·         HDD Caddy
  • ·         Hard Drive or an SSD
  • ·         A screwdriver to open the laptop’s DVD/CD-ROM

How to Set or Install Two Hard Drives on Single Laptop

Step #1: Now you have to unpack the HDD Caddy
Unpack the HDD Caddy
Step #2: Pick up your Hard Drive, and fix it into HDD Caddy. And push it a bit closer to the SATA port to make sure that the SATA connector is fully connected to the Hard drive and put it one side for now.


Fix the hard drive to HDD Caddy


Laptop with SSD and HDD


Step #3: Take an appropriate screwdriver for your system then flip your Laptop and remove the screw of your notebook’s DVD-ROM. One screw just plugs my one, and it’s too easy to open it, but you might need to open the whole background of your system then find the DVD/CD Rom screws.


Take out the screw


Step #4: When you took out the screw, then just pull out the DVD-ROM by pushing it outside of your laptop.

Pull out the CD/DVD-ROM


Dual Hard Drive Laptop 2018

Now remove the cover from the CD/DVD Rom. Also, get off the HDD Caddy cover, and it’s recommended to set this protection to your CD/DVD Rom to prevent it from easily damaging.

Change the Cover

Also, you have to Set the cover of DVD Rom to HDD Caddy.

Change HDD Caddy Cover


Step #5: Now place the HDD Caddy instead of DVD-ROM.

Add Extra Hard Disk to the Laptop

Do not forget to screw the nut back to the place and make it secure from falling. So, it’s time to check of the second drive that installed is working or not. Just power on your PC and log in to your Windows. Right-click on Windows icon or press Windows Button + X on your keyboard and select Disk Management.

Disk Management


Now you can see that here it shows two Hard Disks, Disk 0 which is 232.87 GB SSD and Disk 1 which I installed just now is 1 TB (Terabyte) HDD. It was my file storage, and now it’s on my laptop two hard drives in a single laptop.


Now Install Two Hard Drives on one Laptop
It’s the best way to install or set multi hard drives on single laptop. If you know better way of installing an extra hard disk to your notebook so feel free to share with us or hit a comment down below, and we will create the step by step guides. Thank you for being with us.


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